Migoya RPN Calculator
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Migoya RPN is a reverse polish notation calculator for Windows PC.

What is Reverse Polish Notation?
Reverse Polish Notation was developed in 1920 by Jan Lukasiewicz as a way to write a mathematical expression without using parentheses and brackets.

Why Use RPN?
1. RPN saves time and keystrokes. You never have to account for the parentheses while doing calculations.
2. You can see the intermediary results as you perform your computations rather than just the answer at the end.  An intermediate result allows the user to check the results and correct errors more easily.
3. It's easier to follow the stream of calculation. The user defines the priority of operators. RPN is logical because the user first gives the number and then tells what to do with it

Calculator functions can be viewed on the screen-shot at the right.
It also includes undo, copy result to clipboard, paste numbers, save stack to a text file and other standar settings.
Migoya RPN Calc